1974 BMW Bavaria.

December 12, 2014



RoadmasterMike said...

Compare this to the silver 1973 model in the Related Posts. The nader bumpers hurt this car even more than most.

With one wiper and no side mirror I assume she's a work in progress. Hopefully a small bumper conversion (and maybe even a proper manual transmission) are in the cards as well.

Thomas said...

Standard feature in old badges, they lose their colour: this originally has black outside ring and familiar blue-white interior.

Mine is about halfway now, blue is almost gone (in a '89).

webbrowan said...

Goodness. It makes me feel old to see you call some of these cars "old"! These were all the cars that the kids wanted to get in my time! Haha! Now you can't see anybody batting an eyelid at the finances for these in the used car lot!