1960 Rambler American.

February 4, 2015

1960 Rambler American wagon
1960 Rambler American wagon
1960 Rambler American wagon


Anonymous said...

That is amazing. What a wonderful, weird, evocative shape. It looks like a vintage cartoon depiction of a car.

RoadmasterMike said...

Always considered these as a "Mini Nomad" although if memory serves, the Rambler actually happened first.

Agreed with Anon on the cartoon aspect- with puffy white tires and a smile face on the front, just puttering down the road. Just watch out for the big, bad mean car (jet black and vaugly shark shaped) which always seems to show up at some point...

Neat wagon hiding behind it. I'm guessing 68-69 Chevelle???

Tramontine said...

Beautiful baby blue on a not too beautiful body. I'm thinking that even as late as 1960, these cars STIll had an archaic 30's era flathead 6 cyl in them!