Revisited: 1961 Mercury Colony Park wagon.

February 11, 2015

1961 Mercury Colony Park wagon
1961 Mercury Colony Park wagon
1961 Mercury Colony Park wagon

On different, terrible wheels since Ben photographed it in 2010, but still an old parked car.


Justin said...

Beautiful patina, but as said, those wheels are horrible. Late 80's-early 90's American Racing wheels I think. That red Thunderbird next to it would make a good OPC due to how rare those early Fox ones are.

RoadmasterMike said...

Agreed on the wheels. Better than "clown shoes" but still totally wrong on a swwet old woody wagon like this one.

Also agree with Justin on the OPCness of that mid 80's AeroBird. Had one of these back in the 80's and still regret trading it in.

Best features- the best factory sound system I ever had in a car, and the digital speedometer that worked even in reverse!

clifton.ra said...

Maybe the wheels are from the Twilight Zone?
This car is parked in the suburban vortex where the late 40s meet the early 60s.
One side of the street has frame 2br homes like baby-boom Levittown, while the others side is 3br ranch JFK. They probably get 3 stations of black and white TV at the House on the Dark Side of the Street.

Anonymous said...

You guys ought to be posting this stuff on Instagram

Ted C said...

I would rock that on my 25 mile two-lane farm country blacktop drive to work every day, wouldn't clean it up or change the wheels, but would make sure to leave the rear door half closed...I'd just get it into great mechanical condition and drive it. Would probably get worse mileage than my Expedition though. booo-YAHH