1978 Datsun F10.

February 19, 2015

1978 Datsun F10
1978 Datsun F10
1978 Datsun F10


Anonymous said...

I didn't even know about the F10 - thanks OPC! What is the driveline configuration? This looks like it is sitting on a 4WD chassis.

Ben Piff said...

@Anon, don't get too excited. I'm pretty sure there are a number of good reasons why you haven't heard of the F10. Our dad Markus has a special cringe reserved for these cars, as one of his best friends downgraded to a new one of these and apparently it was all downhill from there (the polar opposite of every other [insert 1970s Japanese car manufacturer]).

And if this doesn't justify the Flesh-colored econobox tag, I don't know what does.

Boss find! Wicked grill indicators and headlight bezels. Intense plastics.

Tony Piff said...

there isn't a hint of pink or brown in the color, but the yellow has faded to a shade so pale and ambiguous that i guess i can justify the f-c-eb.

front-wheel drive, btw.

the female passenger commented with some pride, "it's got the original windshield." a confusing point to make, i thought, with the multiple cracks running through it. but the rear hatchback window is caulked-in visqueen, so maybe that explains her appreciation.

they referred to it as "the coyote," and i said, "oh, it does look like a coyote's head." they both considered my statement and then said, "oh yeah it does." the driver said, "i call it the coyote 'cause coyotes are survivors. it's a survivor."

Christopher Rhoades said...

Don't recall ever seeing one...thank god

clifton.ra said...

Was she with D.B. Cooper or Big Foot?

Tony S said...

Wow the licence plates look like they faded with the paint. The colour and look completely fit in with the area you found it in.

The profile shot makes it look positively claustrophobic. Excellent find.

Anonymous said...

Datsun/Nissan's first attempt at a FWD car in the US. Car&Driver dubbed it "The perfect car for Rocket Boy to take on Rodan" in their road test which gives an idea as to how "unconventional" it seemed even to their jaded staffers. Needless to say, it did not make the 10 best list that year..

There was also a "Sports Coupe" version of this model.....compared to the Sports Coupe the one pictured here looks almost normal.

Justin said...

Love how the yellow faded into beige, the surroundings fit the car perfectly as Tony S said.