1981 Honda Prelude.

February 22, 2015



Anonymous said...

Now there's a rare bird. Looks like he doesn't have the original grille?

Anonymous said...

My high school girlfriend drove one of these in the mid 90's. Hated it then, think it's kinda cool now.

Tony Piff said...

man, that is a tiny car.

RoadmasterMike said...

Two thoughts- 1) Been a long time since I've seen a Prelude and 2) those poor kids sure have a long school day (pic #2)

Greenhouse always reminded me of a mid 70's Celica coupe but with a post instead of a hardtop. That grille might be original, can't really remember what it looked like but it was different from the Accord grille..

Justin said...

Great composition in these shots, love that shade of red the Prelude's in.

Thomas said...

... an unrestored nice looking Prelude ... what year are we living? :o

Marvelous find, good for you guys!

@Tony: It is, my cousin had one in late 80s: I'm 6ft long and the seat didn't go far enough back to me to have a proper driving position.

Also the leg room for "back seat" at that point was exactly zero: Front seat had no room to move further back.

Fun to drive, good mpg but, too small for my cousin too, so he sold it after an year.