1966 Datsun Fairlady 1600 Roadster.

February 10, 2010



Ben Piff said...

You absolutely did NOT deserve to find this, because I know you don't even like it. Thank you big time for shots 3 and 4, I think all those circles are positively glorious.

Tony Piff said...

ha! well i do really like shots 3 and 4.

stylEmon said...

W-O-W [jaw dropper]
Never seen the 1600 Fairlady before.
I do love the 2000 tho

Anonymous said...

It's a 1966. I know this because that's my car.

Anonymous said...

Its worth about 18.000,00€ in verry good condition concour condition so this is a good investment.this model was there 1 year before the MGB. Nice car

Louis Belgium.