1947 Crosley Wagon 2-Door.

February 7, 2010

"A Fine Car."


Ben Piff said...

The color, font and mix of upper and lower case letters really make that look like a home made emblem. I think I'd have to knock on the door to find out about a car like this. If they say it's a project car or anything like that, immediately nod and say, "what engine you gonna drop in that?"

Tony Piff said...

ha. not home made. it sits parked on one of the most exclusive, expensive streets in the Portland Hills, but the house is as tarped up and in need of repair as the disintegrating autos filling its driveway and lining the front curb. i would not feel comfortable knocking on that door. but you're right. i need to get over that.

Ben Piff said...

Best of 2010.