1980 Mazda GLC.

January 28, 2011



Ben Piff said...

I know original pin stripes don't really count as factory graphics, but they're one of my favorite details to see on a survivor.

Justin said...

Another GLC- Nice, this one is in MUCH better condition, plus, Murilee recently posted a scrapped one on TTAC =(

Tony Piff said...

i am so happy for this.

fantastic paint on the car and on the house, and thanks for calling my attention to the pin stripes.

i'm know how helpful that open garage door must've made it, shooting that beautiful front angle. anything with non-flush such as these i have a hard time not shooting.

what's that in the garage, anyway?

Siddarth said...

These old Mazdas probably make great daily drivers. Hope this person takes great care of this!