1988 Subaru RX.

January 5, 2011



Ben Piff said...

I'm extremely disappointed by the lack of comments/respect here. When I look, I see this.

There's only one 80s Subaru cooler than this, and it's the hatchback version of which only 2600 were made. This car's specs are so sweet, it's practically racing-homoligation-sweet.

Thing was ready to catch air straight off the showroom floor.

Justin said...

Nah, the XT is cooler. However, this is pretty BA.

Tony Piff said...

finally got around to commenting on this.

crazy find, i had no idea these existed.

presumably driven into the ground a long time ago.

looks like a less-interesting honda accord. would be a fun sleeper.

typhoon5000 said...

This thing is sweet. Any rally homoligation car deserves attention. A friend of mine just bought a '91 Legacy Turbo AWD, sweet ride.

Where is this one?

Anonymous said...

I just picked up one of these today in a coupe version and its a really fun car to drive. Wouldn't think you could feel a turbo spool on a 80's era car

Anonymous said...

Sexy. My very 1st car, when I got my driver's license in '95. Mine was an '85 RX... brown AWD, turbo, with digital dash and lil rubber spoiler on the trunk. Fun to drive, when thru the snowiest roads... but SUCKED at stopping(spun out twice and rear ended a stupid Accord on ice).

Fun car but parts were expensive... $800 for an airflow meter? Really??

Anonymous said...

It was also cool to see the lil turbo SPOOL on the digital dash... kinda like Knight Rider. LOL

kb said...

beautiful car....I actually built my own RX wagon (GL-10 turbo wagon with a RX hi/lo AWD transmission & center diff lock), one of the best cars ever made, and it will plow through snow and mud with no problems