1964 Plymouth Valiant Barracuda.

December 7, 2011



Ben Piff said...

Congrats on your first Cuda! Would LOVE to drive this one, it's so sleek and menacing. And space-agey.

Adam Holter said...

Sharp looking car, the color is not one I would pick,but very nice all the same.

Dave said...

Gotta love the fastback. I think this lady needs a new back window.

clifton.ra said...

My uncle bought one new. Same gold/gold interior/exterior.
He used it to pull his Nimrod pop-up camper. http://www.popupcamperhistory.com/nimrod1960brochure.html#

He didn't like it, and only kept it about 2 years. The large rear glass made it hot, and loading camping gear was cumbersome. They lacked modern hatchback features, such as the cargo shade and hatch. He usually drove full-size Fury's. His wife thought the Barracuda was cute.