1980 Toyota Corona Liftback Luxury Edition.

December 11, 2011



Justin said...

Like she's brand new....even the manual is in tip-top shape!
Love the profile shot.

Anonymous said...

Is that velour or velourduroy?

Ben Piff said...

You get any good stories from the hand holding that manual? I certainly hope so. Can't quite tell, any chance it's not an auto?

Don't be a bit surprised if you ever see me driving one of these. I know no one wants to hear it, but I can't imagine much of a better sleeper package. Any of the R series engines bolt up, so I'm picturing an 18-RG twin cammer with dual side draft Webers. Or bring it up to modern times (well, the mid eighties) with a 22R-TE turbo Hilux engine.

noor filo said...

it this car still available.