1968 Porsche 912.

December 25, 2011



Dave said...

Ben, you must have a lot of fun. If I turned a corner and found this car I'd pass out. Super European style. This was a big color for Porsche in the late '60's & '70's. Love the chrome- windows, mini-bumpers etc.

Ben Piff said...

Hi Dave, you're so right. Just about every minute of searching for and photographing cars is fun. Noticing this car out of the corner of my eye while zooming down a rural highway was no different! Shooting it however, was the single scariest and most stressful experiences in the history of OPC.

It's parked a hundred feet or so from the street, back in a lot full of machinery, trailers and junk. Whenever a car isn't parked on a street, I ideally like to knock on the door and get permission. When I approached the house in front of this place, I noticed there was no door on the hinges, only a piece of plywood had been nailed up a-la "I'm condemned". But the plywood didn't cover the top or bottom foot of the doorway, and I could see a ceiling fan spinning slowly inside. Not sure if the description adequately paints the picture, but it didn't look like anyone should be inside, so I didn't feel like I should go try and make a new friend.

I cautiously walked around back to see if I could ask permission from anyone, nope. But decided to keep tip toeing back to the car. Back in the corner of the lot, there was a very occupied looking trailer with a small fence around it advertising large ferocious guard dogs. I hurried, hurried, hurried to get the photos, then ran back to the car and took off.

Porsches usually don't feel like they fit this blog as well as our other cars, but this one sure does.