From Our Coast to Yours: 1981 Citroën CX Pallas D Fastback.

December 17, 2011

OPC reader Phil M. sent over these images of what may or may not be the very same Citroën CX seen in Portland back in April of 2010, now parked curbside in Manhattan. He says it had the same stickers in the rear window. (He also notes the drooping tail propped up by wooden blocks: "A sure sign that the hydropneumatic suspension ain't what it used to be.")

Well shot, Phil. Look at those colors!


Mikael said...

Incredible, I never expected you to come across a CX in the States. Is that a diesel???

However, this is not the wagon model as it looks very different.

Tony Piff said...

alright, michael. i re-named the post. better?

Ben Piff said...

I would say it's being a bit dwarfed by that Fit, crazy! Delightful update, although I sure hope it's going to live in a garage this winter.

Anonymous said...

Haha, they aren't hatchbacks either. And they were all 4-doors.

That should be a non-turbo diesel. Guy's wearing TRX tires, which is kinda unnecessary and deeply expensive.

It could be up on blocks so that people who park by touch hit the bumpers, not the hood, fenders and lights.

Tony Piff said...

well i haven't a clue about these crazy things. so it's a liftback? meaning the rear glass doesn't raise? it's just got some little trunk tucked underneath or something? too funny.

that's quite the insight about street parking and leaving it on blocks. it doesn't look like a small car, but that honda fit is absolutely mammoth by comparison!

Spitfire said...

it does have some sort of weird little useless trunk, a very Citroen touch.

btw, its alive and well, and still rolling with the wood blocks in a different area of town.

Tony Piff said...

thanks for the update, spitfire!