1965 Ford Fairlane 500.

January 5, 2012



Gardner said...

My dad had this car, same color, even had the same aftermarket wheels. Miss it.

Anonymous said...

I have owned one of these since 1981 in college, mine has a 2bbl 289 3 spd auto. Same color about 85k miles on it. About 20k from me. I am 3rd owner, but it came from factory to other family I got it from. I have its owner's manual and original receipt. Sadly mine's unibody too rusty to support its weight, so drivers side sets on ground. Thats what I get for not being able to figure out why it won't start since 1993. Somebody about 10miles from me has a 4 door one could be '65 or '66 in white I think I did see drive a couple years ago. great website, I'm telling my bros about this site.