1967 Mercury Cougar.

January 7, 2012

See this in the background?


Matheus Marques said...

It's just something like this '68 Merc Cougar, spotted here in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!


Tony Piff said...

cougars really aren't my thing. they're less common than mustangs, which i really don't care for, with more luxurious trim, which i especially don't care for.

but i can't deny there's something excellent about the lines, proportions, stance...

and it's all redeemed by the coty sticker. that's so cool..

Richard said...

I love the 67 & 68 cougars! The hideaway headlights, the sequential turn signals on the rear, & ( in my opinion ) The low key presence it exudes. I did not care for the 69–70 cougars, but the 71 -73's I like as well.