1980 Toyota Cressida Wagon.

January 5, 2012



erik said...

That is one pretty sta wag.

Justin said...

Looks brand new....keep it stock.

Anh said...

I'm looking for this exact wagon!!! How can I get a hold of the owner?

$EX¥ HAMMER said...

Like mine, but better condition and fuel-injected. Still, they look pretty dorky in stock trim. They really need to be lowered and set on some period-correct wheels to bring out the sexy body lines.

If you want to see my work in progress, click on my name and go back a few posts.

cher.monsieur@gmail.com said...

this is the model that failed me on the canadian border, the prelude to the 67 dart 10 page comment
When i got it it was like this but with words 'sea kingdom' glued onto the side in pine flavor fake wood paneling. wood fish and seahorses.
Then i painted it black as it solicited boring conversation.