1978 and 1979 Peugeot 504 Diesel Sedans.

January 14, 2012



Anonymous said...

Every time I see the wheels on the blue car on something other than a 88+ 505 turbo I get pissed. They're all that fits those things and I looked like hell for a set.

Damn you!!

Brendan said...

You've found their home!!! They are both 79s though. They've both been on the site before, the red one over by MLC and the blue one in front of Eurocar! I had a 91 SW8 Turbo that was totaled, so I kept the wheels and have had them on the red car as well. I'm waiting for time to put a new auto trans in the red one, so it sits for now. The blue one was $175 and has a leaky head gasket and slipping clutch but it just keeps chugging along for over a year now. :)

vlrd56 said...

I,if you need help,I had one and we still have many parts in France for Peugeots .
For your autotrans try a restore liquid before a split.
My mail : contact.adentreprises@gmail.com
Arnaud Dubois
My sister lives in NY and comes often in France where I own a rare (for us) Ford F250 1991