1970 Saab 96 De Luxe.

January 20, 2012



Anonymous said...

Whoa, a 96 on the road!

That's a rare sight even here in Nordic and we used to have those everywhere in 70s. :)

Good find and good picture, very nice combination.

David said...

It is a rare sight! I doubt that I've ever seen one. It was made in the days when you could tell by the styling that SAAB started off making airplanes.

Tony Piff said...

my boss was telling me that the local shop specializing in these used to do them up as rally cars.

which is about the most satisfying visual i can imagine and makes me feel like i really need to own one.

nicely shot, benny. another profile pic that completely embodies the pacific northwest for me. please send it over in high-res for possible banner use.

Anonymous said...

Best combination of car, color, and doofy 1980's sticker EVER.

Anonymous said...

I can smell it from here!evesse

Anonymous said...

Looks like a design from 1960 not 1970!