1978 Mercedes Benz 300TD Wagon.

January 29, 2012

This is definitely my favorite of Portland's approximately 15,000 W123s, but I guess I didn't love it enough to remember that Tony already posted it.
Edit: Can anyone actually be sure what year this is?


Tony Piff said...

i like this car.

i like it so much, in fact, that i actually photographed it two years ago.

we don't often post m-b's newer than 1970, since they're everywhere, so it's funny that we both made an exception for this one.

would drive, of course.

Anonymous said...

Flat pea green. Matching tin wheels. Workhorse turbo diesel engine. Lovely. And valuable, too. All it needs are the square single-unit Euro headlamps. And in the trunk a red plaid lined picnic basket full of sauerkraut sandwiches, bottles of Spaten Oktoberfest and neatly wrapped slices of chocolate forest cake for desert.

Ben Piff said...

I think it's pretty funny that the TD does not indicate turbo, it means transport and touring. The lack of a turbodiesel badge means the car has been making due with 79hp from the factory instead of 123hp, not to mention 1/3 less torque.

Would love to experience a well maintained one of these, particularly if a manual option could ever be had. Didn't they all have self-leveling suspension?

Justin said...

It's.....it's perfect! That shade of green fits it perfectly.
Love it.

Anonymous said...

The VIN is visible and can be used to decode the year. You could also join Carfax and enter the VIN to find more info with an unlimited account. You may have some trouble if the owner sees you writing down his VIN however. :)

Matt Spencer said...

Growing up we had a 1979 300td and a 1981 300td, both dark blue. The 1979 had the non-turbo 5 cylinder 3.0 liter diesel, painted hubcaps, and if I remember correctly, no self-leveling suspension.

The 1981 had alloy wheels (no other option to my knowledge), a turbo badge on the hatch, and the self-leveling suspension. Also, the 1981 had a tape deck, that the 1979 lacked.

The turbo model began in 1981, so I'm guessing this is a 1979 or 1980.

On a related note, my mother always claimed that the 1979 was stronger off of the line. I believe the 4-speed auto started in first gear in 1979 and started in second in the turbo.

matthew said...

The year of the car is 1980 and the unusual hue is Cactus Green, paint code DB880.

matthew said...

The year is 1980. The unusual he is Cactus Green, paint code DB880.

$EX¥ HAMMER said...

Ugh, Spaten Oktoberfest? Really? How about Optimator instead, with a loaf of dark rye and some smoked gouda and pastrami?

Or if you really like Oktoberfest, Paulaner would be a better way to go.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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