1970 Checker Marathon Station Wagon.

March 23, 2011



Tony Piff said...

after spotting this on my morning commute, one-way streets forced me to circle back around two city blocks before i could pull over and park. i was certain the car would be gone by the time i returned.

back is filled with many 5-gallon buckets of i-don't-know-what, a la pickup truck.

on current plates.

would drive.

Ben Piff said...

That's a color and car I really wouldn't mind looking at every day. Really love what he's done with those wheels.

Justin said...

Totally agree with you, Ben.

jjd241 said...

It's amazing that they hardly changed anything stylistically for most of the run of these cars.

CaptCarl said...

Love the Marathons! I just bought a '64 Marathon Wagon this past weekend, what an awesome car. Got it from the orginal owners son. The O.O. passed away 3 years ago. The car has no rust or dents, runs great with a 283 Chev V8 and a three-on-the-tree with overdrive. 124K showing. Interior is extremely nice. Scored it for $1,200!! Looks nice parked alonside my '57 DeSoto wagon and my '86 AMC Eagle wagon. I love this car already.