1974 Alfa Romeo GTV.

April 10, 2013

1974 Alfa Romeo GTV.
1974 Alfa Romeo GTV.
1974 Alfa Romeo GTV.


Ben Piff said...

Uh oh, your new camera can take night shots that have no grain. I bet I'm happier about that than you are : )

My heart aches to own something with that profile. Snub nose, huge back window and I can't tell if that trunk is tiny or decent. Photo 2 and 3 paint very different pictures.

Is that a ticket or a tow notice?

Anonymous said...

Very Nice!

SeattleO said...

That color. Seventies green, but on an Alfa GTV. Awesome. Perfect design. Love that rounded rear window and the grill.

Anonymous said...

In response to "Is that a ticket or a tow notice?" That looks like
Santa Monica Blvd in Beverly Hills -- In California they'll issue a ticket for no front plate even while parked (his Euro style won't qualify). Portland will do the same as I found out the hard way within 5 minutes after parking my Elan in the Pearl District.

Tony Piff said...


beverly hills indeed, a block off rodeo drive.

i wondered if people would guess that it wasn't portland.

in the minute that i was parked getting these photos, i nearly got ticketed, except the engine was still running with my wife in the car.

cher.monsieur@gmail.com said...

In my opinion, one of the most beautiful cars ever made

Jelger said...

LOL. it has its (assuming) old Dutch licence plate in front, with the customized Californian plate in the rear.

It looks like it was imported in 1994 according to the Dutch RDW (DMV) and registered as
2000 GTV USA

A US version, imported into Netherlands, and now back to the USA? Last change of ownership is registered 14-11-2011. Car is registered as being exported.

Unknown said...

Ese alfa romeo es de Holanda! la patente delantera es la vieja patente holandesa

Anonymous said...

Funny seeing a Dutch plate in the states! (i'm Dutch)