1972 Mercedes-Benz 220D Estate.

December 6, 2010

So rare, Wikipedia doesn't even acknowledge it as a production body style.


Ben Piff said...

I believe this is 1 of 2 in the USA.

Dan said...

How humbling, parked on the street and such.

Justin said...

Indeed. She's a beaut. 'Tis a shame they made so little.

tony said...

this made me so happy.

i doubt it's one of two, but it is approximately one of two visible via google image search.

great light, great photographs. that said, the lines seem a little awkward and hearse-like. face is strangely bare, too, without the usual amber rounds or added lights next to the grill.

lovely color.

Ben Piff said...

When I first saw this, I definitely thought it was a hearse. I'm trying to figure out why, I think it's mainly the height and color of that roof. It just looks...different.

Also that C pillar is right off the sedan, and a lot more sloped than most other wagons. All this results in a taller and more prominent trunk space.

One of the only reports I found online was someone talking about theirs being a retired ambulance, which I can see fitting. I really think these were built one off for specific applications. That's the only explanation, because the wagons that came into production in the later 70s are everywhere.

Those headlights look so unique from all the Benzes I've seen, and they accompany the wonderful lack of side markers. to me, it's an obvious special import.

On a side note. I really wouldn't mind driving a TD Benz wagon.

Juan McMahon said...

Here in Argentina, during the 70s, Mercedes Benz sells a series of 220D, I don't know if the proper word in english is "wagons". There was a single cabin pickup, a double cabin pickup (the most popular) and an estate. The base was obviusly German, I don't know what work they did here, but I suppose not much.
Since imported cars were banned here at that time, this "wagons" were the only legal chance to get a Merc for the people who could afford it (very few). In other words, those Mercs where a status symbol in those years.
Here you can see one for sale right now: http://buenosaires.evisos.com.ar/fotos-del-anuncio/mercedes-benz-clasico-id-244339
As you may notice, the roof is different.

Marc said...

very beautiful pictures! If the car has a Vinyl roof, then it will be a /8-IMA. Built in Belgium.
Here in Germany it gives still approx. 5 piece….
Here a picture of a station wagon from Holland
and here a design of IMA.
Many greetings Marc

Anonymous said...

It's a shame the owner is ruining the car with WVO and bumper stickers.

Roberta Gray said...

This is my car. I wish I didn't have to park it in the street. I was happy to see the pics. I would take better care, but am really struggling with my health.

Roberta infomaniac123@gmail.com

Roberta Gray said...

Who took the pics?

Ben Piff said...

Hi Roberta,
I took the pictures of your fine car. It's without a doubt the coolest Mercedes I've ever seen in my life. It looks spectacular for the year, and I for one appreciate that it's parked outside where people can enjoy it! How did you find out about our blog? Also did you see that we picked this as one of our favorite cars of 2010? http://www.oldparkedcars.com/2011/01/opc-best-of-part-4.html

tomsson said...

...just wondering... The autobodymaker of this could also be (karosserie) Binz, where several ambulances and hearses were made. It's rare, allright.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts too, appears to be a former Binz (yup, correct spelling) produced ambulance/estate car from the beginning.

Anonymous said...

Wikipedia doesn´t mention either that the Mercedes Benz W 115 220 D was manufactured as a light weight PICK UP. It was assembled in the plant that Mercedes Benz of Argentina has still in Buenos Aires between 1971 and 1976. Some aftermarket bodymakers made a station wagon out of the pick up, that is a little different from the one in this photo, but had the same taillights. Also, there was a rare "sedan" 4 door without trunk; indeed, it had a small open cargo bay. It was called "twin cab" pick up. For more info, Google images of Mercedes Benz 220 D pick up in Argentina. Saludos para todos!!!

marc said...
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marc said...

Sorry, but I think it's an i.m.a.(99,8%)

look here: http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/I.M.A._Malines

Anonymous said...

Hello.i am in portugal restoring in concurs an w115 station.very good condition..i d ont know much inrernet. How coud i share photos? Email me to. Rukatas@hotmail.com..