1982 Mazda GLC.

July 10, 2014



captaingizmo54 said...

The father of a young man I knew had
one of these, and he liked it so much
that he swore by them. Mazda truly
redeemed itself with the GLC. We all
remember the tremendous flop the
rotary engined cars were in '72. My
uncle owned a '72 wagon that spent more time in the shop than it did in
his driveway. Nice to see that this 'un's
still in great shape.

Tony Piff said...

hek yes. like an '82 corolla but with niftier headlights.

thank you for the northwest thornton northglenn dealer badge, which is apparently an ungoogleable phrase.

Justin said...

That cat seems to approve of the GLC. Smart cat.

Unknown said...

I want one of these so bad.

Anonymous said...

Had an 87 323 sedan (this car's genesis). It was great, simple and reliable. Let it go at 160k miles after an Explorer nailed me.

Anonymous said...

HAD lots of these up to 7,8 yrs ago ,we call it mazda 323 here in TRINIDAD and tobago.615