1941 Plymouth Special Deluxe.

October 5, 2014

Original upholstery, including optional rear seat covers.


Tony Piff said...

i want this as much as i want a corona. thanks for ruining my day.

captaingizmo54 said...

Aw c'mon Tony, these things were great! Seeing this one in such great condition testifies to
the materials and workmanship that went into these cars. Grant it, they weren't very exciting,
but they were very reliable and simple to maintain. I owned a '46 Special DeLuxe 4-door that
was simply awesome. Even though I paid $50.00 for it, the car ran like a Swiss watch after I
got it running. I can tell you first hand that thing was one hell of a beater!

Tony Piff said...

don't misunderstand my comment, captaingizmo54.

my day is ruined in the sense of coveting something unattainable.

i want a corona so bad that it hurts, and now this car, too.

captaingizmo54 said...

Oh, that Corona! Sorry 'bout that Tony, guess I didn't understand what you meant
when you said "Corona", I thought you meant the beer. As for the unattainable, you
might be right about that. Cars like this one are getting harder and harder to find. I
think I saw one up on brinatrailer.com a few months back. Don't recall if it ran or not.
I can tell you that my '46 wasn't as nice as this one. And though that may have been
true, I still enjoyed tooling around town in that old tank.

MarkusTubesNow said...

This is wonderful. The design details are so far out, so different in concept. Love the detail of the steering wheel and turn signal "apparatus", and the deluxe heater. Wonderful.

RoadmasterMike said...

I've got a Special Deluxe only mine is a Buick! Do the lawyers know about this?

Nothing makes my day like seeing a neat old car still in daily use, instead of sitting under a cover in a heated garage. Thanks for the pics and all the others on this blog.

captaingizmo54 said...

Amen to that Mike! It is indeed a treat to see one of these gems still doing what it
does best--getting the family to the church on time. And this car does it with an
unimaginable amount of style. As for the name, I don't think anyone really cared, as
at least 3 car companies were using it in '41.

Justin said...

Agree with RoadmasterMike 100 percent. Funny how there's another Chrysler product right behind it - a first gen Neon coupe.

Donkey Hoaty said...

Ditto, youse guys!

A trailer queen is just a shrine to Detroit. Cars were meant to be driven! Awesome!

Gotta love all that room in front of the back seat! How did we go from that, to being crammed into some little shoebox with our knees crammed against the front seat?!

captaingizmo54 said...

They call it progress I think. It's hard to believe that Mother's '01 Buick LeSabre
is considered a large car! And while the Buick is very comfortable, it has nowhere
near the room this Plymouth has, and nowhere near the style either. Shoulda hung onto
my '46 Special DeLuxe. Hi Don! Glad to hear from you! You couldn't have said it
any better!

Art Valiant said...

So, it didn't have a radio? I assume at least one of those other metal blanks is a tilt-out ashtray, but it's odd to have a Special Deluxe without the full complement of extras.

Donkey Hoaty said...

Heya, Cap'n!

Ha! Yeah...with "progress" like this, we'll all be riding bicycles and sleeping on mats on the floor, soon! :)

Wow! Can't believe you had one of these! It must have been AWESOME! A big, comfy, yet simple, durable and economical car that cost practically nothing- now THAT is progress in my book!

captaingizmo54 said...

Yeah, my '46 was a great car and boy do I miss it! During the first gas crunch in '74,
I was able to get 2 weeks or more to a tankful of gas! Because of limited finances, we
weren't able to take it out on the highway. There were a lot of repairs needed to make
the car highway safe so we simply enjoyed driving the Plymouth around town just in
case something broke. As I said, I sold the car to a friend in the spring of '75. I was
playing alot of one-nighters and I was on the road quite a bit so when my friend asked
if I wanted to sell the car, I did. The last time I saw it, my friend had it primed and
ready for paint. Seeing that, I knew she was in good hands. After coming home from
a road trip, I took one last ride in it before he and his family moved to Oklahoma. Every
time I see one of these, I'm reminded of that wonderful time when I breathed life into
a fine old car and made it run and drive again.

Unknown said...

My grandfather had a 41 2 door business coupe verison of this. Same color and everything....wow. Those old flathead 6 engines were virtually unbreakable. Nice to see the neon paying homage to his great grandfather :) It being a 1941 is great too because there were no more until 46. Could be a very rare one.