Badgeless 1964 GMC Custom Pickup Truck.

February 4, 2010



Tony Piff said...

dude this aint badgeless. you've got close-ups of the badges. sweet truck though. love the headlights down on the bumper. very weird.

Anonymous said...

Ah, that's a 64-66, a 62 would have wrap-around windshield (common to all 60-63 models). That one also has a 305 (or possibly) 351 V6 in it. Maybe even a 4 speed automatic, they made some weird stuff back then, too bad Chevy didn't have some of the stuff GMC did at that time.

Unknown said...

Its either a 1964 or or 1965, as the changed the gmc on the grill for 1966. Model is mostlikely a 1500 since the 1/2 ton model didnt come with that rear bumper. I noticed that it also has optional backup lights, and an aftermarket 2nd gas tank. Btw the 351 v6 came out in 1966.