1959 Oldsmobile Super 88.

April 27, 2010



Tony Piff said...

i really feel like this represents a period of immoderate, overly-indulgent design. so many cars from this time just make me want to roll my eyes. but when you get enough patina to balance out the excessive chrome, there's some real charm.

i like this a lot more than i would expect myself to.

Ben Piff said...

This thing really requires some HDR attention, next time one of us passes by. Heck of a twist on the grill indicators!

I just had to check if those chrome eyelid/duckbills were factory, I'm really glad they aren't.

Tony Piff said...

i park in that lot every time i drive to work, so i can tell you the car has not been there for about a year.

but a lot of cool stuff happens by that lot, and one day i was shooting something else when a passerby said "hey, are you the guy who photographed the '59 super 88 when it was parked over there?"

i pondered for a split second and said, "um, no, that was my brother."

he said, "yeah, 'parked cars blog' or something? if you google 1959 oldsmobile super 88, that's the first thing that comes up. i'll be finished restoring it soon, wait till you see it, you can get some awesome pictures then."

i told him to get in touch by posting a comment when it's done. he's got another restoration project that i'm waiting to see finished before i photograph it, very psyched...