1981 Citroen CX Pallas D.

April 7, 2010

Spotted at Uncle Zak's Odd Auto Clinic, which repairs unusual European classics and sells them, too--buy this one and tell them OPC sent you.


Ben Piff said...

Don't you love that factory hydraulic suspension? That's why it's got that awesome lowrider stance.

Uncle Zak's Odd Auto Clinic said...

Well now that I know we have a stalker, I'll be careful not to pick my nose while sitting in the front office. Ha!

tony said...

Seriously, U.Z. I'll knock on the door next time I'm shooting something there.

Great stuff.

How hard would it be to find a Citroen DS in Portland, and how much might I expect to pay?

Uncle Zak's Odd Auto Clinic said...

A DS in Portland? Well, there are two that I know of and one is in our shop. If you don't mind, can you please include a link to our blog if you use pictures of our vehicles? Maybe add that we repair classic European makes and that all these vehicles are available for sale. We normally don't like people poking around the cars and taking tons of pictures (sometimes people even open doors and climb around which I consider very rude), but if you plug us, you're welcome to come by and photograph whatever you like. We have plenty more inside too. If you're really interested in buying a Citroen DS, I'm sure Zak would negotiate on a price for ours, or if you find one on your own you know where to take it for repairs. Thanks!

Uncle Zak's Odd Auto Clinic

tony said...

absolutely, tessa. i hyperlinked all the posts and added an "uncle zak's" tag as well.

i can't say i'm seriously shopping for a ds, but it's on the long-term fantasy list.

Flip said...

Hi- I'm all but 100% sure I came across this very CX today, parked on E 28th Street in Manhattan—it was the pilot's association sticker and the wonky lettering on the Citro├źn/Total sticker that gave it away. I have pictures if you're interested.

Tony Piff said...

post em up, flipper!