1979 Volkswagen Dasher Diesel Wagon.

April 24, 2010

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1 comment:

Baracuda said...

Oh my....had one of these cars in 1990. Noisy as hell but did 60 to the gallon. I worked in a car dealership and the boys there used to laugh at it. Diesels back then were noisy, non turbo and slow as hell and runaway from time to time. On the Mass Pike mine ran away. Lots of exhaust smoke and the only way to stop it was to work it down through the gears using the foot rake also until it stalled. I miss it. The 60 sec wait on cold winter's mornings waiting for the glow plug lights to go out before it could be started and the burn my legs would get from the vinyl seats which you Americans called leatherette, on hot summers days. Obviously no air conditioning. No toys whatsoever. But it was cool and I've fond memories of this car.