1953 Chevrolet 210.

March 31, 2011



Justin said...

I spy slotmags......;)
"Not going anywhere" tag?

Ben Piff said...

I think so Justin. I don't know about you guys, but I was psyched to find out that this wasn't a Bel Air. I'd never heard of the 210, probably because it occupies a much less appreciated spot down on the totem pole. Researching a 150 would have been nearly impossible, because you'd never know if it was missing all the trim from the factory or if it had been lost over the generations.

Tony Piff said...

beautiful shots.

i've been advocating we stop using the "not going anywhere" tag, because, although it's funny, a dead car is a bummer. also, sometimes you just can't tell if a car gets driven, which i think just takes the oomph out of the tag. same deal with the "patina" tags we were doing for a long time. i sincerely appreciate the perfect patina of careful use, and i sincerely appreciate the perfect patina of excessive use, and i ironically appreciate moss growing on a car in a completely separate, unrelated way, but i do not appreciate wreck damage or the patina of abuse. it's all too complex and interwoven, and the tags we were using were funny but inadequate. but it's something i/we am/are always thinking and talking about, so i'm sure we eventually figure out the perfect tag(s) to capture all the nuanced emotion these cars evoke. that will be a good day.

Ben Piff said...

I know what you mean, it's much more pleasant to think about a car being brought back to life than thinking it will be forever parked. Not to mention, that tag wouldn't make a car owner feel good to read.