1984 Volkswagen Quantum GL5 Sedan.

March 11, 2011



Jeff said...

Looks like the Red Green treatment on the sun roof!

Ben Piff said...

What a grating combination of wheels. That rear wheel is just what I want to see on a nice 80s saloon.

That front wheel is the worst that VW ever made. First person to post a car with a mint and complete set of those trashes wins.

Justin said...

Completely agree with Ben. Those hideous wheels on the front were also on the Golf. Gotta love the tape on the sunroof. :P

clifton.ra said...

If the drain-tubes on the sun-roof are intact and not plugged, some of the leaks will occur around an after-market sunroof's alloy surround and the body panel. A water thinned mixture of Elmer's Glue will seep and seal some leaks. It won't harm the paint. Ah, the 80s and sun-roofs and moon-roofs.

It's a good chance that's a factory roof under that tape. Not a cheap after-market.