1966 Cadillac Calais.

March 10, 2011



Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Super clean lines. Enough room in the trunk for several bodies.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it takes 5 minutes for the force of a rear-end collision to reach the driver in a car like this.

Ben Piff said...

Even on a car this massive, it's all about the tiny details. I love that this car has Cadillac logos that could fit into its panel gaps.

Justin said...

Christ, could fit 3 dead bodies in that trunk.
Looks so clean in white.

Dan said...

That headlight shot is pretty legit.

Tony Piff said...


when i first saw the "calais" emblem, i was sure i was seeing some kind of custom parody badge: a portmanteau of cadillac and malaise.

but this of course pre-dates the malaise seventies.

huge and appealing from every angle.