1981 Dodge Ram 50 HHO Hydrolyzer.

March 6, 2011

When the owner saw me taking pictures of the truck he said, "See my license plate? It says HH0, because I put a hydrolyzer in it. Tripled my mileage!" At this point his wife yelled, "We don't have time!" So I had no idea what he meant, until researching later.


Dan said...

I have yet to find a credible source to back up this technology. And no, my roommate's dingy '93 DeVille hardly convinces me a mason jar filled with water and some exposed wires does his mileage any good. It confounds me that it's so prevalent a practice. Have mythbusters taken this on yet?

$EX¥ HAMMER! said...

It never amazes me that the dumbest people will go out of their way to show you exactly how dumb they actually are.

This thing has been proven time and again to be a hoax, the only way it will ever die is when the next more profitable scam comes along.

Tony Piff said...

bah, skeptics. you'll never be as smug as mr. hho.

clifton.ra said...

"...At this point his wife yelled, "We don't have time!"..."


Unknown said...

You got the front bumper n
grill ?