Revisited: 1961 Rambler American Deluxe.

March 22, 2011

Day or night, city or yard, the American looks great anywhere.


Tony Piff said...


i think this was the first post to earn the tag "grainy night shots." the car doesn't seem to get driven much, but it occasionally appears parked in a new curbside spot, so it evidently starts and drives, but i never expected to see documentation of it at a grocery store on the other side of the river! i drive or ride or walk past it pretty much every day, and i'd been meaning to go back photograph it in daylight, but now i won't. well done.

the original post could've been a best-of, i think. (come to think of it, i might just stick it in there.)

Justin said...

So cute. <3

Gary said...

i work with the guy who owns this.
he's seen the post.

Tony Piff said...

a comment from gary! the blog has been validated.