1970 Porsche 911T.

May 7, 2011



Ken said...

Nice 911, but I hope you also shot the bus across the street!

Ben Piff said...

Thanks Ken, but no I did not. The van was actually further back in the driveway right where the owner was working on a WRX.

I waved and asked if I could take pictures of the Porsche, but that's about all I felt comfortable asking for.

Tony Piff said...

pretty satisfying little 911. glad to see all those stickers and badges, just based on the fact that the car gets driven and appreciated. at the same time, every 911 is already on the verge of being a little pretentious, and the stickers and accessory rally lights and yellow headlamps are getting to be a little much... you call it a "rally car," is the interior stripped?

in any case, brown is obviously the best color ever seen on a porsche. and that pacific northwest region porsche club sticker with the native american graphic is worth killing for.

Ben Piff said...

Since when does a rally car have to be stripped? I actually didn't check that closely, because the owner was eyein' me up and I was in a hurry. But you're right, the title was certainly not necessary.

$EX¥ HAMMER! said...

While I love the design of the longnose and agree that brown is definitely one of the best colors on this P-car, I have to submit that none of the slab-sided models really appealed to me. Wider Fuchs or a pair of Minilites filling out the bulged rear arches are definitely the ONLY way to go on any early 911 with any kind of sporting intentions.

Anyone care to explain his "3,0" sticker? Did he swap to this motor?