Revisited: 1943 Volkswagen Kübelwagen Type 82.

May 3, 2011

As spotted by Ben in January. Nice to see that Portland collectors aren't afraid of a little rain.


chrisvienna said...

you sure it's the same? canopy has different color, rims too, no jerry can, and the front plate now has disgusting ss letters... but still an epic find, the granddad of "the thing"

Tony Piff said...

ugg, you're absolutely right, and i am absolutely baffled how i could make that mistake for the second time in as many months.

Ben Piff said...

I love how much presence the top adds with the color matched wheels. That thing looks a million times tougher than the last one I saw.

Anonymous said...

Intermechanica makes replicas of these, this may be what you're
looking at.