1974 Toyota Corona MKII Wagon.

May 22, 2011



Ben Piff said...

I went back another day and tried my other camera, but that really is the way that paint looks.

Justin said...

Good luck finding a turn signal for this thing. May be even rarer than the elusive Cordia and it's sedan equivalent, the Tredia.

Tony Piff said...

a best of 2012.

great lines everywhere, and the split grill / quad round face is totally wild.

i'm always surprised when a toyota variant shows up that we haven't already documented. very nice.

Mike said...

This was my very first car when I turned 16. I repainted it two tone blue and white, added some rims and performance tires. Added a blaring stereo and tinted the windows. It has an in-line 6 over head cam and mine was a 4 speed. It was actually pretty fast and got great gas milage. I miss that old car. Thanks for posting.