1987 Mercury Tracer.

May 13, 2011



Tony Piff said...

first tracer on opc, and a pretty clean-lookin' example. i've shot three tracers, one of which was a gen-1 with non-flush headlights, but picasa deleted those pics.

one i was looking forward to posting was the same year and bodystyle as this, in a more dated color scheme, but less well preserved.

grandma's place, eh? i sure as heck don't want to shop there, but i bet there were some opcs parked in front from time to time. (i note that the space is for lease now.)

really nice exposures and compositions here.

Big Dave said...

If "Grandma's Place" was a restaurant I would eat there in a heartbeat.

Siddarth said...

How appropriate does the Tracer look outside Grandma's? Fantastic