1980 Ford Granada.

January 20, 2012



Tony Piff said...

remarkably intact example.

the most inspiring detail here is the name "granada," which seems like a word frozen in time.

i'm gonna go dig on some wikipedia.

Justin said...

Loving the hood ornamant on the terribly worn faux vinyl roof....hilarious.

cher.monsieur@gmail.com said...

my mothers ethiopian boyfriend had this same model when we moved to the states. He used to run the motor infront of the house to charge the battery. I hated this car. My mother spun it around on the Bay Bridge while sneezing and found herself stalled and pointed facing oncoming traffic, not knowing if it were going to start again. Three sylables ending in aaahh. What a piece of shit.

Tony Piff said...

great comments, schwarz. thanks for sharing.

B-town Gal said...

My ex sold 2 classic Mustang convertibles to buy this piece of shit car. It had no engine pick up, if you are a gear head. I said my last tearful goodbye to my ex in that car. We got divorced in 1980.

Ben Piff said...

@B-town Gal

What a perfect story. So believable, yet unbelievable enough to be in a book or movie. Thanks for sharing!