1980 Mazda Sundowner Sport.

January 18, 2012



Justin said...

Love the graphics and that shade of silver. Look at the depth/stance in the front shot.....awesome.

erik said...

May be the best graphics ever. A fucking desert scene? Fantastic.

Tony Piff said...

absolutely epic.

home run for the graphic designer who combined silver, red pin-stripe, sunset orange and black steelies. not to mention the simple boxy profile.

although the silhouetted mountains look like rocker panel rot.

my truck has those bedside hooks, and i'm never more smug than when i'm ratcheting down a load. (mine are from the factory, though.)

strange corrosion coming down the front fender on both sides.

you see a lot more datsuns and toyotas on the road, but this thing might take it for minitruck styling.

are these things reliable?

Viror said...

Love the front end, I'm going to transfer a B2000 grille/hood/bumper over to my second gen courier soon but keep a Ford badge. :D As for your question Tony Piff, check out the forums at fordcouriercollector.com. We have quite a few members with B2000s.

Anonymous said...

Sundown has such different connotations than sunset.

Reminds me of Uma Thurman in "Even Cowgirls get the blues"

Which is still OK. Don't get me wrong.

Anonymous said...

As im looking for some new parts for my sundowner, i find this, my sundowner. Ha, nice to see other people appreciate it like i do. Its got 100k original miles on the truck an a new motor. Needs carburater work though.

the corrosion is actually acid that dripped onto the fenders.

great mini truck though, super fun to drive an it gets 36 mpg. let alone style for days.

Atika said...

Baby Tornado is the best name ever put on an aftermarket mirror.

Anonymous said...

I bought one of these new in 1980, same color. The color is called "Sunbeam Silver." The rust on the front fender is not from acid. There is a brace on the fender that holds moisture and causes rust. Mine started rusting in the same spot after 2 years. Pretty reliable truck overall. The Sundowner Sport also came with bucket seats, center console with a quartz clock, 5 speed transmission, sport steering wheel, stripe kit white spoker wheels and Brigestone white letter radials