Merry Christmas from OPC! 1972 Plymouth Scamp.

December 25, 2012

1972 Plymouth Scamp.
 1972 Plymouth Scamp.
 1972 Plymouth Scamp.


Anonymous said...

i love it.318 or 225 slant six are both great motors.i wish chrysler was still making those.merry xmas to every one.pierre from france.

great white tiburon said...

I like the scamps, they got the dart swinger body with the duster or valiant front end. I would love to drive this with the 225 slant 6, those slant 6 engines are way more unique than any V8. this is a great set of shots with the snow coming down. merry Christmas everybody.

Justin said...

Awesome shots of an awesome piece of early 70's Chrycorp econobox tin. Love the light snow.

Dylan Beveridge said...

The falling snow makes for some lovely shots! I hope to see more entries with the "snow" tag!

Unknown said...

I own one there are cool cars im looking for a front hub I can't find it any where