1973 Volkswagen Thing.

December 19, 2012



great white tiburon said...

such a great name for a car. this one has some boss deep dish star vw rims that really stand out, it even looks like it has been raised for a little off road action. man, I really dig those wheels.

Eddie said...

In Europe the official name is "VW Kuebelwagen". This means bucket car.

Anonymous said...

Is there a point in adding more than 5 Things to the blog? I'd like to see makes, models, and generations that haven't been added yet. Like a first-generation Pontiac Firebird which has seemed to slip through your fingers. I know you can't make one appear but it's definitely missing.

Ben Piff said...

Here you go Joey. Don't say I never did anything for ya.

I definitely know what you're saying, and there are some cars I've checked off my list and I don't feel the need to post another unless something grabs me. I actually photographed this Thing on Dec 11, 2010. Just happened to be going through my older images and thought, "hey those wheels and exhausts are kinda funny, and it'll add some variety to the main page." Having two yellow Things is definitely more than enough, but I also like maintaining a consistent flow.

If we only focused on our favorite cars or ones we hadn't posted before, OPC would continually lose steam and become more selective. One early goal Tony told me was to try and document every old car in Portland. I'd also like for any first time viewer to be able to look down the main page and find something that makes them want to dig deeper. Does your comment mean you've seen all 2427 posts? Because I'd be psyched to hear that.

I'm all for viewers posting challenges to find specific cars, but as you say, we can't always make one appear. Keep em comin'!

Justin said...

Awesome looking Thing-the paintjob, wheels, exhausts-that's one wild bucket car.

Anonymous said...

This Thing is great. Looks in good condition too. I wonder how the soft top has held up over the years. Seems like you see a lot of custom tops built for these cars as they age, that one looks pretty original though.