1962 Ford Falcon Wagon.

February 20, 2013



Tony Piff said...

oh heck yeah.

what a wonderful little '60s boat. so much glass, just right. i would love to cruise in that.

profile shot is so utterly portland. love it.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bond, your Falcon is equipped with a rearward-facing 50 caliber machine gun. None will be the wiser. Tea?

Anonymous said...

too cool. nice job ben.

i've always appreciated the design of the tailgate and rear glass on these things. such a nice blending of a rounded shape with a flat sheet of glass.

Justin said...

Love the window set up on the Falcon wagons, looks awesome.
Great patina on this one, dig the mismatched fender/hood and dogdish and steelie as well.

Dave said...

This is my favorite for this year. Everything is perfect- the patina, the rust, the missing bumper. Though technically a compact there is a lot of room in there... compare the greenhouse/cargo space to the truck in front.