German Tonka Trucks, Part 5: 1990 Unimog 419C SEE (Small Emplacement Excavator).

February 17, 2013

16 tons. 24 gears. All original.

Best day of my life.
See more of this collection at Terra Wagen.


Tony Piff said...

i can assure you "emplacement" is not a word, but damn if this isn't the cutest little piece of heavy equipment. profile shot looks like something out of judge dredd or gi joe.

how long does it take to transform?

i don't think i could be happy owning something like this and not using it all the freaking time. my yard would just be a mess.

Ben Piff said...

1. A prepared position, such as a mounting or silo, for a military weapon.
2. The act of putting into a certain position; placement.
3. Position; location.

Dave said...

As small and cute as it is, I'd have to agree with Tony- it is weapon of mass destruction!

Tony Piff said...

the germans just make up new words, rather than finding the right word to use. so you're not wrong for using it, but i don't approve of the jerries.

i'm half-kidding, but i'm also half-serious.

Jeep bumpers said...

All this has me confused for a while ,but then again your Germans you never get the right wordings for anything.So really how is it helpful if people barely get wot you mean?Am so serious!!!

Justin said...

"Jeep bumpers" is a spammer.
Anyway, this guy has one helluva collection, this, the '94 Unimog and the Tristar Syncro Vanagon are my favs.

Gareth said...

Good lord! That's sweet, I'd love to get my hands on one of them. Is it used commercially or just a cool toy?

This is why the Unimog is my zombie apocalypse vehicle of choice.