German Tonka Trucks, Part 1: 1990 Volkswagen Transporter Tristar STI Doublecab.

February 15, 2013

Ten years ago, Eric set out to one up all his previous projects. So he took a Transporter with the top of the line Tristar trim (never available in the US), and swapped in a stage two Subaru WRX STI engine, and mated that to a RWD Porsche drivetrain. And yes, this is a daily driver that does make it to the track. Make sure to check out Eric's company Terra Wagen, where you can see photos and videos of this collection in action (and buy a set of those dope fender flares).


Anonymous said...

Too cool! Yes I know the wheels are wrong but what the heck, who cares? It's cool.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in a family with a VW of this generation. As a teenager, you can imagine the hell my siblings and I put that dear van through. (And the heaven, fold down bed, what what.) Early in its life, it would beat cars regularly. It had amazing handling for its size. We could also make it bounce, like a rapper's Impala bounce.

This beast you have featured is beyond the dreams of 18 year old me. Indeed, this is a man's dream, matured, full strength, and balls out Vee Dub fantasy.

God I would like to ride in this Van. Lion!