1964 Glas 1300 GT.

February 15, 2013

1964 Glas 1300 GT.
1964 Glas 1300 GT.
1964 Glas 1300 GT.
1964 Glas 1300 GT.
1964 Glas 1300 GT.
1964 Glas 1300 GT.


Ben Piff said...

Record lowest number of tags? That practically guarantees a best of post. But don't hold me to that.

Andrew David Baron said...

How the hell do you guys find these cars? Srsly...either Portland is a haven for old parked cars or you guys are good hunters. (or both)

I can imagine this car brand new. Needs a ton of work, but still has her shape. :D

SeattleO said...

Wow! What a beatiful car! Love those huge headlights, and just the overall look. Great grill; a little like an Alfa, but with its own style. Great hoodscoop. Profile looks a lot like a Porsche 911, but this is way cooler than a boring ol' Porsche! Amazing find.

JJ McMahon said...

Excellent find! And a lovely car. I hope the owner repair it but don't over restore it. It deserve to keep that lovely patina.

great white tiburon said...

this is the first car on this blog that I've come across that I have never heard of. the rear has sort of a Isuzu 117 look to it and the front has a little Italian influence to it. I guess the whole car does. pretty cool find.

Dave said...

I concur with the boys- this bizarre beauty is one of the best!

Justin said...

Restore it, but keep the steelies and patina.

Ben Piff said...

Oh baby, that's a lotta glass. This is just a delight. Imagine the smiles you'd get constantly!

great white tiburon said...

I looked this thing up and I found out that glas is the parent company that made the Goggomobil micro car line. the company got absorbed by BMW in 1966. pretty cool to see one in the wild.

Unknown said...

Does anyone know of a pkace that is interested in buying a 1964 Glas. Needs fixibg up but all original parts are there. Let me know. Email lisabenson_larsen@yahoo.com

Gert-Dietmar Hajda said...

would you pleae get in contact with
me as I m interested on this car.
I had two of them as I was a young man
here is my email
Greetings from Berlin Germany


Grumpy Cat said...

Does it live at the same house as this?

Tony Piff said...

same driveway indeed, grumpy cat.

the sunbeam is long gone, however, and i have my doubts about the glas. i'll detour by there on my commute one of these days and check to see if the driveway is empty.

Grumpy Cat said...

If they keep their glas's (glases?) and Sunbeam's in the driveway, just think of what could be in the garage! Do you know why they are buying odd European cars and not restoring/ repairing them?

Tony Piff said...

he was quite old, and he'd had both cars a long time. they weren't recent acquisitions.

he clearly kept them with the intent of reviving them some day. the day i photographed the glas, he made repeat mention of his regret at parting with the sunbeam.