Vinyl Half-Roofed 1980 Subaru 1600 DL-5.

February 28, 2013

1980 Subaru 1600 DL-5 coupe.
1980 Subaru 1600 DL-5 coupe.
1980 Subaru 1600 DL-5 coupe.
1980 Subaru 1600 DL-5 coupe.
1980 Subaru 1600 DL-5 coupe.
1980 Subaru 1600 DL-5 coupe.


adam.giguere said...

Can't recall seeing a coupe with this front end before. Of course these have long since disappeared around here.

Anonymous said...

would love to see this thing after it had been detailed to a fair-thee-well.

Tremendous find.

great white tiburon said...

too bad the second gen brat's didn't have this front end as an option (they had the single square ones early on), it would have looked better. old subies are real fun to drive around, they feel so light. It's great to see so many still out and about.

Dave said...

I really love all the trim and accessories on this model- truly a 'luxury' Soobee. These cars inspired generations of Subaru owners.

Spiff said...

Neat find, especially in the barely-above-bottom-line DL-5 trim.

It's easy to get distracted by all the extra styling going on near the rear window (including the dealer-added vinyl roof and tape stripes, as if the factory-provided extra windows and floating emblems weren't enough), but this was one of the last Japanese pillarless hardtop coupes sold in the US. (This generation ended in 1983, the same year as Toyota's Corolla SR5 models gave up their pillarless design.)

I wonder if this is the same car that crossed the eBay block in 2007:

Justin said...

What a find....there's so much going on with this Subie. That reddish-orange, the pinstripes, the rack, those solo rounds, love it.
" los angeles body shop " is a spammer btw.

Unknown said...

The DL has always been the base model for Subaru. The GL was the middle of the pack and the GL10 had all the bells and whistles. The Brat and Hatchback were made till 89 and were both pillarless(no frame) windows.
I've owned a 82 GLF, 2 GL's and 4 84 Turbo Coupes.

Unknown said...

Good morning. Where you could get a model of those for sale and the same way the parts of the vehicle.