1976 Toyota Corolla SR-5 Hardtop Coupe.

January 27, 2010



Tony Piff said...

smokin driftmobile there.

Ben Piff said...

The owner is retired, so I'm not thinking it'll see any drifting. Drag is the most popular. I wish drifting was more popular with them, but it takes a lot of modification to get them handling right.



Ben Piff said...

This was without a doubt, my favorite OPC moment. My new friend Edwin was equally psyched.

JettDaley said...

if you ever run across his again, I would like to buy it.

This is identical to my mother's first car, right down to the stripe, and we have been looking for one for years

Luis said...

Waaooooo!!! man..!! I cant believe!!.. you have a Diamond in your hands!! thats is the best car in the Toyota history!!.. Men!! I remember that car in Dealerships in 1979, the same last body... Beautiful car!!.. man!! I Impressed, tell me about that car, you restored the Sr5 or founding in that condition?... bye

Anonymous said...


I have one if youd like to add it to this site., it's a TE37(1976) with a 3T-c swap full TRD suspension Drift ready once I swap out the carbs.,

Names Guillermo. Email Guillermo_10203@hotmail.com