1977 Chrysler Cordoba Coupe.

January 15, 2010

Behold: Chrysler's first attempt at a personal luxury car, as well as their first ever less-than-full-size car. The badge is styled after an Argentine cordoba coin. The owner approached and told me she bought this car when it was a year old, and it has 70,000 original miles.


Christian Herman said...

This blog is a blast.
Please to photo the occasional trailer?

tony said...

Thanks for the supportive words, Christian. I presume you mean RV campers and trailers?

Unknown said...

Fine Corinthian leather, a 8-track player and a 400 CI V8.....badass.

Anonymous said...

Just clicked through to make sure the words "Corinthian leather" appeared in the comments somewhere. Job done, carry on.