1980 Toyota Corolla.

April 16, 2010



tony said...

surprisingly little documentation of quad-round-equipped yoties on the blog. beautiful shape for a car. is that two-tone or primer or a missing piece of trim? ...'cause it looks wonderful with the caramel paint.

ben said...

This was a real treat to inspect up close, as it was so totally complete with every trim and badge, and that is a piece of trim along the bottom (maybe dealer added?). I'd never seen this color before, but Toyota did offer an orange metallic so I'd guess it's original.

Also, the quad rounds were only done in 1980, we got square headlights for 81,82, and 83. So enjoy them when you get a chance. I hope that when I post my wagon, we get some know-it-alls who will tell us it's an 80 because of the headlight swap.

Anonymous said...

Had one just like it: a 2-door in gold, in excellent condition. I bought it in 1992. It got me through college. It had a manual transmission and AC. Had lots of fun driving it to Santa Cruz and many other places in California. I miss that car.


Anonymous said...

I'm the owner of the same car. Its a 1980 Toyota corolla 1.8 l DLX 4 door officially. Mine is being restored. If you want more info on this car, or just to see the restoration effort please email me at kovy.Kov@yandex.com