1985 Toyota Tercel SR5 4WD Station Wagon.

March 16, 2011



Big Dave said...

These cars were so great. And you can't find upholstery like that anymore either.

mikael said...

eeew. try taking your teenagers to school in that.

Ben Piff said...

Make this your teenager's first car. They'll have a rare perspective on what a cheap and reliable car really is.

I doubt anything will match my experience of 80s cars on those 2 points.

Anonymous said...


Justin said...

I'm 15, and i'd GLADLY take this as my first car. Either that, or a Malaise-era luxobarge.

jjd241 said...

These things are great. There was a low miler on BAT last week that was as good as new. Here are my latest street finds from Olympia WA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMcgxNgeQhY&feature=channel_video_title

Tony Piff said...

rad. these unkillable things are absolutely everywhere, and absolutely every single one is just a shriveled-up raisin of a beater. i've had my eyes peeled for a well preserved example for as long as we've been blogging. just spotting one with all trim pieces intact is a rarity, much less one with zero dents and oxidized paint.

no comment on the interior, but thanks for documenting.

bring back that link to the tercel rally forum. that was awesome.

Ben Piff said...

A much needed Tercel tribute.

Anonymous said...

Hey I own this car and drive it daily.
My buddy owned it when I met him in 2005, and I immediately locked in my "dibs" for when he was ready to sell. 10 years later he was finally ready to sell, and I quickly gave him his asking price.
It has been a daily driver ever since.
With some Nokian studded tires, and it's 6 speed manual transmission, even with the 12" of snow that dropped in Portland yesterday, it has proven unstuckable, even in the icy west hills.

I also owned this Old Parked Cars rig (67 Plymouth Belvedere II), until I sold it in 2015 to a somebody who coveted it greatly.

He has since restored it to damn near new.

Cheers from PDX